Section 789.3 (b) Lockouts

A landlord cannot lock you out, removes outside doors or windows, or remove personal property with the intention of ending your tenancy. Lockouts and utility cutoffs are crimes for which a landlord can be arrested and jailed. If your landlord is preventing you from gaining reasonable access into your unit/apartment:

1.  Call the police and have them assist you in convincing the landlord to let you back in (CA. Penal Code section 418 gives them this jurisdiction in the matter).

• Having your ID with you or a form of utility bill with your address will help assist the police in getting you back into your unit/apartment.

2.  Break back in! It’s not illegal to break into your own house.

3.  Sue for damages as provided in CA. Civil Code section 789.3 (b) and S.F. Administrative Code section 37.10B, and for injunctive relief under Code of Civil Procedures section 527.6(b).

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