Private Hotel Tenant Organizer Program

The Private Hotel Tenant Organizer Program is a new program that was implemented in 2012 to outreach to tenants living in the privately-owned and operated S.R.O. hotels in the Tenderloin and South of Market (SoMA) neighborhood. Private Hotel Tenant Organizer’s would firsthand outreach and organize with tenants to work together to address housing code violations and habitability issues in their building or unit. They work closely with the Community Organizing staff of the C.C.S.R.O.C. to identify concrete steps to improve the quality of life issues that residents face on a daily basis.

If you are interested in becoming a Private Hotel Tenant Organizer, please contact the Central City S.R.O. Collaborative at (415) 775-7110 or visit our office at 48 Turk St. for more information regarding these positions.

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