Sisters Rize!

Sisters Rize! members show off their swag, circa 2012

Central City S.R.O. Collaborative formed a women’s group for S.R.O. hotel residents in 2007. Later dubbed “Sisters Rize!” the group holds twice monthly meetings and organizes around issues impacting women living in both privately owned and non-profit operated S.R.O. hotels. Directed by a tenant living in an S.R.O. hotel, the women’s group originally came into being to address safety issues in S.R.O. hotel. There, men often outnumber women by five to one. This effort continues through workshops on personal safety and efforts to impact policy and procedure around harassment in S.R.O. hotels.

tennant org 1

Sisters Rize! holds a workshop on domestic violence, 2013

Sisters Rize! hosts workshops with topics such as health, domestic violence, mindfulness and self-care, art, and writing. Past projects have included documentary film making through Intersection for the Arts and participation in campaigns to improve conditions for low-income women in San Francisco. For more information or to join Sisters Rize! please contact us at 415-775-7110.

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